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Delhi - San Francisco Connection on BharatMatrimony

I started the conversation by asking Sandeep, what is the funniest thing that happened on the day of your wedding? He laughs out loud and says, “During our phere, Avantika had to touch my feet, which was a bit weird for both of us. When she did, I couldn’t control my laughter and so was the case with her.” That’s funny!

Avantika got to know about BharatMatrimony through one of her friends who insisted her to register. I ask Avantika, what were you looking for in your life partner? She says,“I was looking for someone who is simple, charming, has a good

family background and there I found Sandeep’s profile, which matched all my expectations.” On asking Sandeep, what did you like about her profile, he says, “I found a lot of similarities between us. We both are big foodies and travelers. Other than this, her beautiful pictures caught my attention. We both stayed in touch through video calls and chat as I was in the US and Avantika was in Delhi.” Oh! I was curious to know how they met? Avantika, with full of excitement, says, “I was going to San Francisco for a conference and Sandeep had decided to travel from Denver to San Francisco. He came all the way only for me, and I was impressed. The moment I saw him, I was so happy and so I decided to extent my trip. We were together for a week, and that one week with him made me realize that he is the one.”

So what’s the best surprise Sandeep gave you after marriage? Avantika jumps into the conversation and says, “On my birthday he had planned for a treasure hunt at home. He had mentioned all the littlest details about me in those chits. I was surprised to know that he notices me a lot. All these little chits were so cute. Not only that, he had also decorated our entire house. While I was still unable to digest the fact that all this was done for me, he surprised me again with a cake which he baked for me. He won my heart. I was so happy. That was the first birthday away from my home but he made it really special for me.”

How do you spend time with each other? “After getting back home from a stressful day at work, we walk towards Colorado. It’s such a beautiful place from where we can see the sunset. We try to go there almost everyday and make sure to spend as much time as possible,” said the handsome Sandeep. Avantika adds, “Everyday I look forward to spend the evening with him.”

I ask Sandeep if there is any special memory that he wants to relive, what would it be and why? With full of enthusiasm, he says, “When I went to India to meet her parents she had planned for a trip. I always wanted to visit Agra and she made it possible. One of my most favourite memories with her was when we went to Taj Mahal together.” Avantika jumps into the conversation and says, “He went down on his knee and proposed me in front of everyone. That was the first time when we expressed our feelings openly.” How cute!

I then ask Avantika how important is equality in your relationship? She immediately replies, “Equality in a relationship is very important. We share household chores. He supports me and understands my decisions very well. He is an amazing cook and I am a fan of his cooking.” Woah! That’s nice. So what is his signature dish? I ask her out of my curiosity. She says, “He makes the best mutton biriyani.” This couple is just lovely, isn’t it?

Wishing Them A Lifetime Of Joy And Happiness.

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