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Everything Happens for Good: Avtar

I started the conversation by asking Avtar, any special memory which you want to relive? He jumps into the conversation, “It was our first meet. We met in a Gurudwara and that feeling was so amazing. The moment I saw her walking into the temple I was mesmerized by her beauty. She wore a lovely red color suit. Hair curled and left open, her smile and her eyes, I was love struck. Just can’t forget her look on that day. We spoke for an hour, and I found her to be honest and straightforward.” Harneet had something to add, “The day we decided to meet it was raining, and so it felt like a romantic day. I had such a lovely conversation with him. I have never felt so comfortable with someone in the first meet itself.”

They bonded well in the first meet itself and then they meetings became regular with daily phone conversations and so much more to talk to each other. They had bonded so well that within a month they got married. I ask Avtar how is life after marriage? He says, “Life after marriage is great. Harneet has bought about a few changes in me, but for the good. She adapted herself so easily with our family.” I ask Harneet what was the first dish you cooked after marriage? With a lot of excitement, she says, “I made halwa for everyone at home, and they all loved it, especially my mother-in-law. She is very close to me. She has taught me so many things for which I am forever grateful.”

I ask Avtar, where they went for their honeymoon, to which he responds, “We went to Manali for our honeymoon. Those 5 days were amazing. Harneet had planned a candle light dinner for us. On top of the hills by the river side, she had arranged for a surprise. It was a lovely dinner table decorated with flowers and yummy desi food. She also gifted me the letters which she had written for me along with an album which she made by herself. It is very close to my heart.”

Avtar had a message for the youngsters about marriage. He says “Go with the flow, everything that happens is always for good. Marriage does come with its own set of responsibilities but once you get a grip of it, you will love to live a married life!”

Wishing This Couple A Life Time Full OF Happiness!

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