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Sumit's Romantic Proposal In The Parking Lot

Married life calls for a lot of adjustments, compromises, and sacrifices, which makes life harder, but the love that you share with your husband makes it all worth it. For a girl, who moves to her in-laws house after marriage, just support from her husband is not enough. The one other person who can make her life smooth is her mother-in-law. But how many such beautiful mother-in-law - daughter-in-law stories have we heard of? Not too many. Well, here’s one.

My first question to Priyanka was who is that one person apart from your husband whom you are really close to?

And I was astonished by her answer. With a smile she says, “My mother in law.” Why is it often so hard for a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to have a good relationship? Priyanka answered it smartly. She says, “It’s usually because of the different cultures or personalities, where both of them are unable to find a middle ground to agree upon things, which causes friction in the relationship, but in my case it’s the exact opposite. We both are like best of friends. We laugh, we gossip, we watch serials together, cook together and so much more.” They say that the bond a mother and daughter share is priceless, but what Priyanka shares with her mother in law doesn’t seem to be any less. She spends a lot of time with her mother-in-law as her husband Sumit, works in Canada. Priyanka is usually busy throughout the week with her job but she makes it a point to spend weekends with her family. She says, “My mom in law inspires me in many ways. She treats me like I am her own daughter. She is the coolest and sweetest.”

With her non-stop praises for her mother-in-law,, I completely forgot to speak to her about her love life. She says, “Few of my friends insisted that I register on BharatMatrimony. I went through many profiles but back then I didn’t take it seriously.” Good things come to those who wait and that definitely is the case with Priyanka. She says, “One day I was just going through the profiles and Sumit’s profile caught my attention.” Sumit waiting for his turn, says, “I was mesmerized by her beauty. Pictures do not do justice to her looks. I felt so different when we started talking to each other. After a few conversations and meetings, I started to get a strong feeling that she is the one. I was sure I had fallen in love with her.” Adorable, isn’t it?

The Romantic Proposal:

“After we got engaged, I wanted to do something special before I left to Canada. So, I decided to take her out on a date. We decided to spend the entire day together. We had planned everything beforehand and so we started the day early”, says Sumit.“We had breakfast together, then went for a movie and were together till night,” says Priyanka. I ask Sumit if he proposed to Priyanka and Sumit giggles, “On the same day. I proposed to her in the parking lot. It was raining outside and I had a bouquet of roses. I went down on my knees and proposed to her with an i-Phone and a digital painted photo frame. She literally turned pink. It was such a beautiful day. That was when we actually got to know each other really well.” How romantic!

I ask Priyanka, if she remembers any special memory from her wedding and this is what she had to say. “Have you ever met anyone who came four and half a hours late to their own wedding?” I was perplexed if she was asking me a question but she answered to her own question. “Sumit is probably the only person in the world to do that. Not only that, he came on to the stage and told me that my sister looks more beautiful than me. I was already irritated with him and after listening to that I was annoyed even more.” Even though he annoyed me and was troubling me, our private wedding turned out to be really beautiful and we have some fond memories of it.”

Priyanka and Sumit understand each other and don’t give up in any situation. The love they share is immense.

Wishing them a lifetime of togetherness and a journey filled with countless memories!

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